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Caravanning is more than just a type of holiday, it’s a way of life for many that allows you to travel across the length and breadth of Australia without losing the comforts of home.

Caravans today are a vast improvement from those of the past, now with all the amenities that you will ever need – a home away from home.

It’s an investment well worth protecting.

Unfortunately unforeseen circumstances can occur such as wild damaging storms breaking your awning and annexe or creating a leaking caravan. Those dreaded hail storms can dint aluminium cladded vans resulting in very costly reclads and repairs. Not to mention what cyclones are capable of (broken windows, awnings, window shields, solar panels, canvas tears, and much more).

Jayco Platinum Insurance and CIL both provide comprehensive cover for your caravan and its contents.

Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance


  • 2 Years Replacement cover – total loss occurs within first 2 years from date of purchase.
  • Up to $2000 Automatic Contents cover.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses up to $150 a day if your caravan is not fit to live in following an accident or a loss.
  • Damaged food: if we agree to pay your claim for loss of Contents or Caravan, We will pay up to $500 for food damaged in the same event.
  • Up to $5000 to cover the return your caravan back home (if more than 100kms from home) if you are unable to drive due to injury or illness or if the tow vehicle is involved in an accident and cannot be driven.
  • Up to $1000 to cover the cost of contents transport if your caravan is involved in an accident resulting in a write-off (if more than 100kms from home)
  • Automatic Flyover cover up to $2,000.
  • $20 million third party legal liability cover.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all authorised repairs.
  • Choice of a higher excess to reduce your premium.
  • Optional Lay-Up: Further discounts off your premium for the months you don’t use your caravan.
  • Pay by the month option

Refer to the Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance PDS for full details.

CIL Caravan Insurance


  • 2 Years Replacement cover – total loss within first 2 years from date of purchase.
  • Automatic contents cover of up to $1,000.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses up to $150 a day if your caravan is not fit to live in following an accident or a loss.
  • Authorised emergency repairs if your caravan cannot be towed after an accident.
  • A 10% discount if you have an AL-KO Electronic Stability Control device fitted to your caravan.
  • Reasonable costs to collect and deliver your caravan back to you following accident repairs, if the repairer is more than 100kms from your home.
  • Removal and storage of your caravan after an accident if it cannot be towed.
  • $20 million caravan legal liability and $20 million personal liability. CIL can also insure caravans permanently on-site.
  • Choice of a higher excess to reduce your premium.
  • Pay by the month option

Refer to the PDS for full details.

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  • (Jayco Platinum Caravan Insurance do not cover caravans that are stored permanently on the street when not in use)
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    CIL Insurance: http://www.cilinsurance.com.au/sites/default/files/fm/pdf/CIL-secure-caravan-insurance-product-disclosure-statement-may2016.pdf
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